Friday 18 January 2013

New Year, New Year

Bow Job and Master Baker were the architects of our New Year cobweb-shaker this year, taking us down to Pacos de Brandao for this one.  The beginning took us swiftly into some dense woodlands from which it seemed for a while we would never emerge.  Most unlike Master Baker, it seemed the hares had been possessed by the spirit of Brunei Babe as we scrambled up and down wooded slopes, tearing our legs through twisted brambles, dodging the thwack of saplings and slap of wet leaves and occasionally breaking into a brief run.  It was too tricky to be easy, but it was a slow start which at least kept everyone in close proximity in this first outing since Christmas.

Eventually we emerged onto the road on which we were parked, prompting one or two rebellious rascals to suggest a quick turn to home but instead now we found ourselves with the more expected running stretches.  The route was a nice mixture of village and semi-rural patches with some lengthy on-ons that made one suffer if checking the wrong way.  It was as well constructed as you would expect and was run in remarkably well behaved fashion.  What is happening to hashers these days?  Where has the stupidity gone?  How can we have a hash with both Walkie Talkie and Mrs Slocombe yet no lunacy?  Deviant was impressive on his first one for a while and Family Jewel managed to last rather longer than he did on the Jingle Bells.  Gaynor was particularly noticeable for her far eastern hash t-shirt that would probably be enough to have you arrested in certain countries.  Evidently not Vietnam, though.

Down-downs were most notable for the naming of Mark Hooley, desperate for something edgy and out-there, badger shagger or big cock, or something.  So we named him Hairy Fairy.  That done, it was off to scoff, a nice boisterous bash in one of the village's few restaurants.   

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