Wednesday 27 May 2015

The froggy hash.

#478 (May 10, 2015): A small but enthusiastic group (we were down one hare, even! - although we brought along a hound to make up for it) convened at an old bridge over the Rio Ave and headed off through the area's picturesque villages and fields. We had been promised a "froggy" area, which one American in the group (who may or may not be the writer of this little story) assumed was some British term for muddy and difficult. Turns out it actually just had a lot of frogs croaking. Just as we were all desperate for a pit stop, Hairy Fairy went over to a tree by a wall, lifted up a doily between the two, and revealed a buffet of sweet and savory treats - and, of course, beery treats - that gave us the energy to keep going to the end/beginning. After handing out a few down-downs, almost all of us returned to the last hash's bash location, where we were surprised to find that they were surprised to see us - but we were still able to quench our thirst and hunger while soaking up the sun. On on, Cheesy Baps